Why we hope to play a starring role in this years brick Oscars

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Why we hope to play a starring role in this years brick Oscars

This has been one of the most exciting – and most successful – 12 months in the 33-year history of York Handmade Brick and we are delighted that this is reflected in our entries for the prestigious Brick Awards.

The Brick Awards, which are organised by the Brick Development Association and are known as the Oscars of the brick industry, celebrate the best examples of clay brick in our built environment. Each year the awards attract the entry of exemplary projects from leading architects, housebuilders, developers and contractors, across 17 hotly-contested categories.

The 2021 Brick Awards ceremony will take place at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in the heart of London’s West End on Wednesday November 10.

This year we are incredibly proud of our entries, which underline the wide range of our work across a number of sectors. These entries are: St Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire; One Molyneux, a stunning residential development in Marylebone in London; the Porter’s Lodge at Jesus College, Cambridge; Valentine House, a single residential development in Allostock in Cheshire; and the Epic Hotel in Liverpool. In addition, Niall McLaughlin Architects are entering the magnificent new library at Magdalene College, Cambridge, one of the finest projects in which we have been involved, themselves. 

Huge thanks are due to the management team and employees at York Handmade for their imagination, enterprise and hard work, which all combined to make these projects so successful and so memorable. It is vitally important to stress that all our entries are completely different jobs in design and execution, graphically illustrating our ability to work in a wide variety of colours and styles. We believe we can tackle any brickwork project successfully.

It is really difficult, and invidious, to pick any of these projects out individually, as they all have their stories and their strengths. But I’d like to say a few words about our two Cambridge University commissions and about St Albans Cathedral. There is no doubt that it was a tremendous honour to be asked to provide our bricks for such a prestigious project as the new library at Magdalene College. The college has a rich cultural heritage and this stunning new building reflects this. The finished building is absolutely magnificent and provides a wonderful place for Magdalene students to work. It is one of our flagship projects over the past few years and we are proud of what we have achieved. Our specially chosen and manufactured red bricks and specials complement the unique surroundings and fit in with the college’s architecture and landscape.

We are equally proud of our work on the new Porter’s Lodge at Jesus College. It is an immense privilege to be associated with such important buildings and projects in historic and sensitive environments like Cambridge University. It is also testament to the renaissance of brick as the building material of choice for significant and prestigious developments. 
Finally St Albans - I think I am right in saying that St Albans is the home of some of the earliest examples of brick use in Roman Britain, so as a brick-maker, we are very humbled to supply one of the birth places of brick in the UK. St Albans Cathedral stands on the site of St Alban's execution and burial. He was the first Christian British martyr. The cathedral is the oldest place of continuous Christian worship in the country and is a blend of architectural styles spanning over a thousand years, containing some priceless original Roman bricks. This order is one of the most important recently for us and it includes several differently-shaped special bricks.

So we are really looking forward to the awards ceremony in November – and are hoping very much that we can play our very own starring role at the brick industry’s Oscars.

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York Handmade Brick has excellent credentials in supplying bricks to high quality self build homes. Choosing the correct cladding for your property is vital to achieving the appearance for the house that you have in mind. By using a genuine handmade brick you can ensure the building has all the charm and character of traditional buildings of the past. Our Maxima Range of long bricks are in strong demand for self builds of a more contemporary design.
York Handmade Brick have the capability to either replicate or make to design bricks of all shapes and sizes in a variety of colours and textures to match or create the product required. We are fortunate enough to have manufactured bricks for several award winning heritage projects conserving the glory of the buildings for generations to come.
Our Maxima range or long format bricks have been in great demand in commercial and public type buildings. We can make these bricks to the architects specification in terms of size, colour, texture and shape as we have in the jobs shown in this gallery.