How it Happens

It begins with

It Begins with

It Begins with

our own consistent supply of high quality lacustrine clay here in the Vale of York formed hundreds of thousands of years ago in the glacial era.

Our sales team

can help clarify your brick requirements – helping you choose from our range or specify a bespokely sized, coloured or textured brick to suit your project available from a wide range of options available due to our handmade and -flexible manufacturing process.


The clay is quarried, stock piled and processed by through our clay preparation plant by our experienced workforce. It is then mixed and thrown into moulds by our team of expert brick throwers.

Flexible Drying and Firing

The bricks are carefully dried, and hand set by our experienced workforce before being fired in our modern sophisticated and flexible kilns that can fire bricks to the highest quality, in a variety of ways to obtain the desirable characteristics of the brick for the customer.

Quality End Products

The bricks are packed from the kilns by experienced men who ensure that the bricks are pre-mixed to the requirements of the individual customer.

It Ends with....

Our bricks used to create a wide variety of striking finishes to beautiful buildings.