Handmade Bricks to inspire

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Handmade Bricks to inspire

By David Armitage, Chairman, York Handmade

One of the most enduring and attractive products on the building market today is the handmade brick which is still as popular for prestige buildings as it was in the past. One of the outstanding characteristics of handmade bricks is the way in which the product catches the light and charms the eye like no other.

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York Handmade is an independent brick manufacturing company based in North Yorkshire. The company manufacture 3 million genuine handmade bricks per annum in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. York Handmade has become synonymous with both high profile new buildings such as The Shard and Chetham Music School in Manchester, as well as restoration projects. These include Dumfries House in Scotland, the Scottish home of HRH Prince Charles, Jesus College, Cambridge and various National Trust Properties including Gibside in Northumberland.

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York Handmade Brick has excellent credentials in supplying bricks to high quality self build homes. Choosing the correct cladding for your property is vital to achieving the appearance for the house that you have in mind. By using a genuine York Handmade brick you can ensure the building has all the charm and character of traditional buildings of the past. Our Maxima Range of long bricks are in strong demand for self builds of a more contemporary design.
York Handmade Brick have the capability to either replicate or make to design bricks of all shapes and sizes in a variety of colours and textures to match or create the product required. We are fortunate enough to have manufactured bricks for several award winning heritage projects conserving the glory of the buildings for generations to come.
Our Maxima range or long format bricks have been in great demand in commercial and public type buildings. We can make these bricks to the architects specification in terms of size, colour, texture and shape as we have in the jobs shown in this gallery.