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maxima long Bricks

The original idea for the brick was to give the building a common denominator of the local vernacular spanning from Roman times to the modern day.
From this seed, long thin bricks have highlighted the flexibility of bricks to be made into many different shaped modules to enhance buildings in a way that is exclusive to brick products. Chetham School of Music’s new development is an exemplary example of how the new long thin shape combined with the unique character and variation of a York Handmade brick can make for a thoroughly vibrant design.
250,000 327 x 50 x 102 mm bricks as well as 50,0000 precast units and over 400 types of special were used in the Chetham School of Music design demonstrating York Handmade’s ability to deliver the toughest of specifications.
The Maxima size is available in the full York Handmade range of colours to cater for all our customers requirements
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